Rivkah + Ian : Wedding [The Spit]

Sunday 2nd November, 2014

What a stunning backdrop for a ceremony! The sun was shining on Rivkah and Ian as they tied the knot then enjoyed a fabulous reception at The Spit – Slide McBride sure got the dancefloor moving! Flowers with thanks to the very talented Maggie May and a big thank you to Lindy Goodwin for the beautiful photos.

Thanks so much Laura. And a HUGE thanks to you and the team at ZEST for such an incredible day. Our friends are still commenting on the setting and the food! I have a few friends who are real foodies and all say that it's the best food that they've ever had at a wedding, so thumbs up all round!
  • Slide McBride
    Posted at 08:31h, 16 June Reply

    My band played at this wedding and it totally went off! It was a most memorable wedding and reception.

    There are three things that stand out in my mind from this wedding.

    1. They had their ceremony on site.

    This made so much sense. It meant that the flow of the celebrations never stopped. The ceremony was in the main dining room, and after this everyone moved into the next-door bar area while the staff at Zest re-configured the room. My band started playing in our roving acoustic format at this point. The fun started immediately.

    2. The bride and groom where both English.

    Therefore (as you would expect) most of the family and friends were from the UK. This made their choice of having the reception at a venue like Zest at The Spit such a good one. Sydney is built around one of the world’s most beautiful harbours, so it makes perfect sense to use this as your backdrop, especially with overseas guests.

    3. The wedding reception was on a Sunday night.

    Sundays are the most underrated day (night) for weddings. Typically, Saturdays are the first option, followed by Fridays, but some of the most memorable weddings that I have played at have been on Sundays. Maybe it’s because you have the whole weekend to relax and prepare for the wedding. A common belief is that your guests won’t want to party too hard because they have work on the following day, but I have rarely ever seen this. At Rivkah and Ian’s wedding, every guest was dancing and singing along to the band right up until the end (which was 11:30pm). And here’s the bonus… no one had ANY trouble getting a taxi at the end of the night!

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